Who we are

Meet Our Team

Created in the Fall of 2018, Banking at Michigan is a student-led project at the University of Michigan aimed at providing education, guidance and resources to any student interested in investment banking.

BAM is run by Michigan students who have successfully navigated the recruitment process and are going to work for top firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Rothschild & Co., Jefferies and more.

What we do

We're here to make investment banking recruitment more inclusive and accessible to all students.

  • Provision of recruiting and interview preparation resources

  • Investment banking overview sessions

  • Behavioral workshops

  • Technical workshops

  • Q&A sessions, coffee chats and fireside chats

  • & more...

Our events are open to all students—no registration or membership necessary (we recommend signing up so you can be notified on events and receive all of our helpful resources). 



At its core, Banking at Michigan is a community of 500+ students interested in investment banking.

  • 30% of members represent majors outside of Business or Finance

  • 50% of members are pursuing a Dual Degree or Minor

  • 55% Freshman, 34% Sophomores, 11% Other

What students at Michigan are saying about Banking at Michigan’s vision and mission.

  • “I am excited to be joining Banking at Michigan because the board seems truly focused on aiding students in their quests to discover a career path and excel in the banking recruiting process. The friendly atmosphere in the mass meeting was unique for a Ross club and it is clear that the board wants this environment to encourage members to enjoy the club's opportunities and take full advantage of the ample resources it provides. After talking with the board members after the mass meeting, I understood why they chose banking and how the resources they provide can be the difference between me acing a super day or going home empty.”

  • “I really appreciate what this club stands for and the vision that you have for Banking at Michigan. It is a tremendous opportunity and opens many previously closed doors for those looking to break into the industry.”

  • “I find that the openness and acceptance of Banking at Michigan has drawn me to this organization more than any other on campus. I really haven't seen any other club so willing and eager to help out inexperienced members and students of all backgrounds and disciplines.”

  • “This club seems like it is predicated on giving beginners somewhere to start. I really admire that, as a beginner, because not many clubs are this hospitable.”

  • “Having an analyst position is a great way to allow students who haven't had much exposure to investment banking to experience what it is really like.”